Withdrawal Policy


All major errors will be accompanied by a separate notice of correction and Journal of Building Material Science will:

*Issue a separate notice of corrections electronically linked back to the corrected version.

Conversely, minor errors that do not affect the reliability of the academic content or the reader’s understanding of the academic content will no longer be notified separately for correction. We will add a footnote to the article to inform readers that the article has been corrected.


For authors who’ve changed their name and wish to correct it on their published works, please see our Authorship Changes.



The editors of Bilingual Publishing Group is responsible for ensuring the academic integrity of the articles published in the journal. Therefore, the editorial department will withdraw the article if necessary for the misconduct. The article may be withdrawn as follows:

If an action is found at any time in violation of publication ethics, such as multiple submissions, false authorship claims, plagiarism, fraudulent use of data, or any material misconduct, a withdrawal notice will be issued. Sometimes, a withdrawal can be used to correct errors in a submission or publication. The decision to withdraw the article will be made according to the COPE guidelines.


Standards for dealing with retractions have been developed by a number of library and scholarly bodies, and this practice has been adopted for article retraction by Bilingual Publishing Group:

-Add a “retracted” watermark to the published Version of Record of the article,

-Issue a separate retraction statement, titled ‘Retraction: [article title]’, that will be linked to the retracted article.

Authors should note that any amounts of paid Article Processing Charge will not be refunded if their accepted papers or Articles in Press are withdrawn on the grounds of academic misconducts and ethical violations in research and publication.

3.Circumstances under which an article may be deleted

In rare cases, Journal of Building Material Science may need to remove articles from the online platforms. This will only be considered in the following cases:

The article is defamatory, violates the privacy of others or other legal rights;

Violation of a certain professional ethics or other illegal circumstances.

4.Expression of Concern

Journal of Building Material Science will consider a concern detailing the focus and ongoing actions, if:

*Inconclusive evidence of author research or publication misconduct

*The results of this publication have not been completed and due to various complexities, the investigation will not be completed for a considerable period of time


All corrections, concerns and retractions are freely accessible at the time of posting.