Research Involving Human Subjects

If the research or work involves the use of human subjects, human material, human tissues or human data, the author should declare that the work described is carried out in accordance with The Code of Ethics of the World Medical Association (Declaration of Helsinki) and should be detailed Describe ethical approval information, such as the name of the granting committee or the organization and approval identifier, that is, the reference number. If the ethics approval identifier is not available, written approval from the granting committee or organization must be provided as a confidential supplementary document.

Research Participants' consent

- For surveys of human subjects, it should also be clearly stated from study participants that the author should inform study participants of the purpose of publication, the risks and benefits of the experiment, and the patient's right to refuse or withdraw consent. Authors are obligated to declare and clearly state any restrictions on the availability or use of human data in the manuscript.

-For all human subjects, it is necessary to obtain informed consent and the method of obtaining informed consent (that is, oral or written).

- Parental or legal guardian consent should be obtained if study participants are minors.

- Research participants have the right to privacy, which cannot be violated without informed consent. Identifying information, including the participant’s name, initials or hospital number, should not be released in the form of written instructions or photos, unless the information is essential for scientific purposes and the participant (or parent or guardian) has written knowledge of the release agree.

No discrimination is made between individuals due to language, race, colour, gender, political thought, philosophical belief, religion and sect. Differences are approached with tolerance.

It is the basic principle that research and experiments do not harm human health, animal health and ecological balance. Before starting the work, the necessary permissions are obtained in writing from the authorized units. In this framework, the provisions of international declarations, international conventions, and provisions of national legislation are taken into account.