Study on Ground Deformation During Shield Tunnel Construction


  • Zhongkun Zhang College of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Binzhou University, China



Through the systematic analysis of the ground settlement generatedby the process of shield tunneling, the relationships between grounddeformation and construction parameters are studied in this paper. Basedon the assumption of linear small deformation, a mathematical model ofthe relationship between ground deformation and construction parametersis set up. The principle and method of optimization for estimating grounddeformation is studied. The actual measured data are compared with theresults of theoretical analysis in a case. Considering different groundformations in different construction sites with different adverse effectson surface and underground structures, the ground surface deformationscaused by shield tunneling is an aimed topic in this paper. The contributionsand research implications are the revealed relationships between the grounddeformation and the shield tunneling parameters during construction.


Shield tunnel; Ground settlement; Construction parameters; Mathematical model; Maximum estimation


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