The Gulf Stream and the Californian Current as Factors Affecting the Behavior and Health of Americans


  • Yuri Pivovarenko Research and Training Center ‘Physical and Chemical Materials Science’ Under Kyiv Taras Shevchenko University and NAS of Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine



Due to the existence of the Earth's geomagnetic field, Lorentz’s forces constantly act on all sea currents. These forces distribute the charges of sea currents in both vertical and horizontal directions. In particular, this distribution manifests itself in the electric polarization of sea currents in directions perpendicular to them. So, earlier it was shown that the same Lorentz forces cause negative electrization of the Sargasso Sea. It is also shown here that the positive electrization of the western edge of the Gulf Stream and, consequently, the eastern coast of the United States is also caused by the Lorentz force arising from the interaction of this sea current with the vertical component of the geomagnetic field. It is also shown here that the positive electrization of east edge of California Current together with west coast of USA is also caused due to the similar reasons. All this allows us to conclude that an increased concentration of positive air ions is constantly retained in the air both in the east and in the west of the United States. This situation has caused the need for an analysis of how the predominantly positive electrization of the air affects both human health and their physical and mental activity. The results of this analysis are presented here. It is also shown that these results can be useful for residents of some other countries.


Environment, Electrization, Gulfstream, Metabolism, Stroke, Thrombogenesis, Alzheimer's disease, Viral infections, Feng Shui


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