A special issue entitles “Environmental Impact on Early Years Learning, Development and Health”



Aims and Scope of the Special Issue:
1 A special issue entitles “Environmental impact on Early Years Learning, Development and Health.”
Bronfenbrenner and Ceci (1994) extended and defined the ecological environment theory to provide insight into bidirectional influences and the environment. It also explains that the five environmental systems impact early childhood development, learning, and health—moreover, Bronfenbrenner and Evans (2000) and Bronfenbrenner and Morris (2006) discussed the concept of the Process-Person-Context-Time model (PPCT). As we know, young children spend most of time at home, and scholars have to map the relations between various influential aspects of learning and development and children's health and behavior.
2 This Special Issue has three primary aims.
First, we aim to understand the application of the theories and concepts of learning and development in young children, explore the insight of home and family environment beyond the early years, and share the practical work in education and health with scholars and practitioners.
Second, we expect to see how the studies highlight the impact of environmental factors on early life experiences in physical activity and health and explore various influential factors such as social, emotional, physical, and family from the digital lens.
Finally, but importantly, we welcome papers that focus on new and unexplored aspects of parenting and child development and how they influence health outcomes. We also aim to provide a platform to encourage collaborative efforts by regional or international networking with shareholders and scholars to develop/suggest better policies and practices.
3 The keywords of the themes
Family and the home environment; Screen-based media usage; Toys and materials; early child development; Early childhood learning; Parenting and interaction; Risk factors; Prevention practice; Early childhood education concerning physical education.

12 August 2022