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Journal of International Education and Practice

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Vol. 6 , Iss. 1 (March 2023): Issue 1


  • The Effect of “Think-Talk-Write” Strategy on EFL Tenth-Grade Students' Writing Performance

    Mahmoud Azzam Mohammad, Baniabdelrahman Abdallah

    Article ID: 5388
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    This study investigated the effect of “Think-Talk-Write strategy” on English as a Foreign Language (EFL) tenth-grade students' writing performance. A quasi-experimental design with two groups was employed. The researcher randomly assigned two whole sections of grade 10 from Al-Kharaj Secondary School for Boys. The first section was chosen as the experimental group with (20) students,...
  • Improved Behavioural Engagement of Students through Low-stakes Online Tests and Immediate Dialogic Feedback

    Glen Currie, Tracii Ryan

    Article ID: 5295
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    The engagement of students is a recognised challenge for teachers. Technology offers some practical student engagement tools, and this paper examines the use of low-stakes online tests and immediate dialogic feedback to improve behavioural engagement. The academic exploration of low-stakes tests and dialogic feedback has been extensive, and they are credible teaching tools. In this...
  • Adapting the Concept Attainment Strategy to Teach Math

    Khodadad Kaviani

    Article ID: 5404
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    This paper argues for the adoption of concept attainment strategy when teaching math and shows the structure of this curriculum design that can substantially improve math instruction and comprehension in K-12 education.  Initial findings based on informal surveys of teacher candidates indicate many of them do not have a clear understanding of the concepts they...