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Journal of International Education and Practice

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Vol. 1 , Iss. 1 (December 2018)


  • The Use of Computer-Assisted Keyword Technique in Learning Pronunciation of English Weak Forms

    Hassan Saleh Mahdi

    Article ID: 255
    999  (Abstract) 90  (Download)

    Keyword technique has been investigated extensively in the literature to examine its effectiveness on L2 pronunciation. However, previous studies have not examined how computer-assisted keyword technique could aid L2 learner to pronounce weak forms in English accurately. Therefore, this study aims at investigating the effect of computer-assisted keyword technique on acquiring weak forms pronunciation. A...

  • Guessing and Nature of Multidimensionality Matter: A Cautionary Note on the Use of Fit Indices to Assess Unidimensionality of Binary Data

    Yong Luo

    Article ID: 356
    1188  (Abstract) 90  (Download)
    Use of cutoff values for model fit indices to assess dimensionality of binary data representing scores on multiple-choice items is a popular approach among researchers and practitioners, and the commonly used cutoff values are based on simulation studies that used as the generating model factor analysis models, which are compensatory models without modeling...
  • Determinants of Vietnamese Colleges’ Academic Performance: The Second Stage Bootstrapping DEA Approach

    Dung Thi Thanh Tran

    Article ID: 380
    373  (Abstract) 73  (Download)

    This paper aims to examine the determinants of the academic performance of 141 colleges in Vietnam in 2011/12–2013/14. The second-stage bootstrapping data envelopment analysis is proposed to estimate performance of colleges and investigate the effects of environmental factors on their performance. The findings reveal that colleges in the surveyed sample are not technically efficient in...

  • Holonic Theory and Holistic Education

    Josep Gallifa

    Article ID: 415
    468  (Abstract) 168  (Download)

    This paper presents the holonic theory, which is an attempt to develop in a single model the explanation of the evolution in the physic, biologic and cultural dimensions. The purpose of this development is to understand the traits of nowadays common holism, which is considered a necessary thinking practice in different domains, among them education....

  • Example of a Project to Work the Sustainability Competence in the Subject of Linear Algebra in Engineering Studies.

    Maria Isabel Garcia-Planas, J. Taberna

    Article ID: 317
    385  (Abstract) 33  (Download)
    Strength in sustainability is becoming more and more essential for anyone who wants to dedicate themselves to the practice of competent and professional engineering. From the scientific-technical teachings, therefore, the transversal competencies of sustainability and social commitment should be addressed, so that students understand and become aware of the problems of a global world. Using...