Research on Innovation of Engineering Project Management Mode and Intelligent Management


  • Xianming Wang Poten Environmental Group Co., Ltd.



In order to realize the standardization and normalization of environmental protection project management. This paper uses the literature method to study the current status of the existing project management mode, and points out the problems: lack of a sound project management system, insufficient information application of project management, and unclear decentralization in project management; on this basis, this paper proposes optimization strategies from the aspects of perfecting the engineering project management system, clarifying the allocation of project management authority, and strengthening the construction of engineering project management information. And put forward the future development trend of project engineering management, on the basis of two mainstream management modes of BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) and EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction), build a standardized project management platform to achieve intelligent management. Realize intelligent management of engineering project management to achieve standardization and standardization, greatly improving the efficiency of project management.


Environmental protection engineering, Project management, Management mode, Intelligent management


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