Analysis of the Mamaia Bay shoreline Retreat with Hard and Soft Protection Works


  • Catalin Anton “Dunărea de Jos” University Galati -Romania, 47 Domnească Str., 800008, Galati, Romania,
  • Carmen Gasparotti “Dunărea de Jos” University Galati -Romania, Department of Naval Architecture, 47 Domnească Str., 800008, Galati, Romania
  • Iulia Alina Anton Maritime University of Constanta -Romania, 104 Mircea cel Batran str., 900663, Constanta, Romania
  • Eugen Rusu “Dunărea de Jos” University Galati -Romania, Department of Mechanical Engineering, 47 Domnească Str, 800008, Galati, Romania,



Integrated Coastal Zone Management is a complex concept that involves various economic, social and environmental factors. There are often conflicting approaches to these factors. Furthermore, when it is decided to implement structural works in the coastal area, it must be taken into account the particularity of the area, the way in which it is developed and the type of work to be done. The Gulf of Mamaia in the Romanian Black Sea coast is the target of structural changes through the implementation of an extensive coastal rehabilitation program. The works made are of “hard” type and aim to change the shore line configuration. From this perspective, the target of the present paper is to make an analysis between the type of work that is being carried out and another kind of "soft" work aiming especially to favor the ecological reconstruction of the area and the approach of an environmentally friendly concept. Thus, we propose to analyze the two types of works with a view to apply the Bruun rule in order to mitigate the effect of the increase of the sea level and to prevent the shoreline retreat.


Coastal zone management, Romanian coast, Mamaia Bay, Black Sea, Shoreline, Hard and soft works


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