Evidence-based Rapid Review to Approach Diagnostic Test Research. A Veterinary Practitioners Opinion


  • Julio A. Arenas Advanced Veterinary Centre, Madinat Khalifa South, Doha, Qatar
  • Jeff M. Perez Advanced Veterinary Centre, Madinat Khalifa South, Doha, Qatar




In animal research systematic reviews and meta-analysis have been playing an important role in improving the quality of evidence that professionals use worldwide. However, it is claimed that it is in its initial stage of development. In veterinary medicine the heterogeneity in the evaluation of variables of exposure and response makes it difficult to gather the data results for a meta-analysis and evidence-based rapid reviews and other types of reviews can accelerate the way how we obtain this information and a problem-solving approach can be developed in the veterinary medicine field.


Evidence-based medicine, Systematic review, Rapid review, Meta-analysis


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