Longevity Internal Elixir—Tradition of Yue School in East Sichuan for Warding off Disease, Keeping in Good Health and Cultivating Mind


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With the continuous improvement of the national economy and people’s quality of life, people’s attention to human health and health is increasing. Taking exercise and reasonable diet and good living habits to adjust the body’s meridian operation and promote the continuous optimization of human body function is an important way to achieve healthy development and optimize people’s lifestyle. This paper describes the formation and development of Longevity Internal Elixir form Yue School in East Sichuan and its positive effects on human health. It analyzes the implementation methods and steps of Longevity Internal Elixir and points out the precautions and safeguards for the implementation of Longevity Internal Elixir. Through the analysis of this paper, it is clear that Longevity Internal Elixir plays an important role in the health of the people, exerts its role in promoting bodily functions. The implementation methods and safeguard measures of Longevity Internal Elixir are also clarified in this paper.


Yue School in East Sichuan; Warding off disease and Keeping in good health; Longevity Internal Elixir


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