Analysis of the Association between Intestinal Microflora and Long-lived Elderly People


  • Ligong Zeng First Clinical College, Hainan Medical University
  • Zhiwei Zhang School of Clinical, Hainan Medical University
  • Jixuan Yao First Clinical College, Hainan Medical University
  • Ruyi Zhang First Clinical College, Hainan Medical University
  • Zeyang Wu School of Clinical, Hainan Medical University
  • Zihan Wang First Clinical College, Hainan Medical University
  • Ziqiang Huang First Clinical College, Hainan Medical University
  • Pingping Yan Hainan Medical University Ask Clinical Skills Center



The intestinal microbiota is the cornerstone of the human intestinal microecosystem and plays an unnegligible role in the growth and health maintenance of the human body. In recent years, many studies have been committed to exploring the potential connection of gut flora and the elderly population. The changes of gut flora are affected by various factors such as age increase, disease, medication, living habits, nutritional structure, and the intestinal flora is expected to be applied to the comprehensive evaluation of elderly health and longevity in the future. Based on this, the research progress of the general elderly and its related influencing factors.


Intestinal flora, The elderly, Healthy and longevity


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