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Journal of Geriatric Medicine

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Vol. 1 , Iss. 3 (August 2019)

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    Psychosurgery: A History from Prefrontal Lobotomy to Deep Brain Stimulation

    Aisha Yousaf, Krishna Singh, Victoria Tavernor, Ashley Baldwin

    Article ID: 1943    DOI:
    862  (Abstract) 369  (Download)


    Neurosurgical treatment for psychiatric disorders features a long and controversial history. This article explores a ‘spectrum of psychosurgery,’ describing how old-fashioned and controversial prefrontal lobotomy gradually evolved into modern day, mainstream scientific deep brain stimulation (DBS). We focus on the rise, fall and possible re-emergence of psychosurgery as a therapeutic intervention today.We journey through historic... More

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    The Triple Procedure :Analysis of Structural, Functional & Refractive Outcome

    Radhika Natarajan, Bharti Ahuja MS

    Article ID: 2065    DOI:
    161  (Abstract) 85  (Download)


    PURPOSE:To analyse the outcome of Triple procedure(Combined penetrating keratoplasty, cataract extraction and intraocular lens implantation)  is a surgical technique for visually disabling corneal conditions with associated cataract .METHODS:The medical records  of 120 patients who underwent triple procedure between January 2007 and December 2011 in terms of  demographic data,past ophthalmic history, indications for surgery  were retrospectively reviewed.Salient... More

  • Reviews

    Aging and geriatric dentistry

    Michel Goldberg

    Article ID: 2091    DOI:
    293  (Abstract) 123  (Download)


    Five theories shed lights on the potential mechanisms of aging: somatic mutations, telomere loss, mitochondrial defects, accumulation of altered proteins inside proteasomes. Altogether, they are forming a network. The existence of a program of aging is not yet identified, but overlaps with a program to die. On the other hand, organisms are programmed for survival... More

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    Subjective Well-Being among Empty-Nest Elderly and Its Related Factors:Taking Guangdong Province as an Example

    Yongmei Hou, Zixu Guo, Que Zheng

    Article ID: 2225    DOI:
    332  (Abstract) 152  (Download)


    Objective: To explore the the status of happiness and social support of empty nesters in Guangdong Province and analyze the relationship between the above two variables.

    Method: Totally 1148 empty nesters (776 males, 734 females) from 5 cities in Guangdong province are selected by stratified random sampling and conducted with Memorial University of Newfoundland Scale of... More