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Journal of International Education and Practice

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Vol. 5 , Iss. 1 (June 2022)


  • Parents and Children Reading Together: Expanding Shared Book-Reading Across Genres

    Deborah Bergman Deitcher, Helen Johnson

    Article ID: 4493
    263  (Abstract) 38  (Download)

    In this conceptual article we explore parents’ shared book reading (SBR) interactions with their preschoolers across different book genres in their natural home settings. We consider the unique and shared contributions of narrative, informational, wordless, and alphabet picturebooks, and how reading across genres can increase children’s involvement in the interaction, deepen their content knowledge, expand...

  • Internet Plus University and College Foreign Language Teaching Reform

    Qingli Meng

    Article ID: 4324
    142  (Abstract) 15  (Download)

    The “Internet Plus” on-line plateforms provide many innovative approach to learning; but providing convenient college education on-line also poses many new challenges that have not been explored. Some of these educational challenges are explored in the development of an innovative foreign language teaching program in China Universities. Foreign language education networks can be designed on...

  • Benefits of Internationalization to Students Cosmopolitan Competency

    Doreen Ahwireng

    Article ID: 4643
    80  (Abstract) 23  (Download)

    Higher education institutions across the world are responding to globalization through internationalization. However, there is limited research that focuses on the benefits of both internationalization-at-home and cross-border internationalization to students’ cosmopolitan competency from the perspective of students. Therefore, this qualitative case study explored the benefits of internationalization to students from the perspectives of both domestic and...

  • Rights-Based Education Programming: A Complimentary Approach for Addressing Poverty, Education Inequality, and Development in Zimbabwe

    Argnue Chitiyo, Jonathan Chitiyo, Zachary Pietrantoni

    Article ID: 4770
    101  (Abstract) 32  (Download)

    The United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) of 2015 sought to eradicate major problems facing the globe. Member states ratifying these goals were tasked to formulate and institute policies aimed at addressing the global economic, political, social, and environmental challenges. Three major goals sought to address fundamental issues on poverty, universal education, and gender equality....