Review on Using of Housefly Maggots (Musca domestica) in Fish Diets


  • Hamed H.E. Saleh Aquaculture Division, National Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries (NIOF), El-Fayoum, Egypt



The main animal protein ingredient in fish diets is most often fishmealbecause of its nutritional quality. However, the limited availabilityand increasingly cost of fishmeal has lead to investigations of eitherlowering or replacing the fishmeal content with more economic proteinsources of animal and/or plant origin. The research for appropriate andcheap cost alternative sources of protein to use in commercial fish dietswill be the most important factor in intensive fish culture development.Insect meals are healthy and nutritious alternatives to fish meal dueto their rich nutritional values, particularly protein, fat and minerals.Housefly maggots (Musca domestica) meal is also rich in B complexvitamins, trace elements and phosphorus. From the results of previousstudies, Housefly maggots meal can be used successfully to replacethe fish meal portion partially or completely in the fish diets. Also,the results observed that not physiological stressful was introduced inthe fish by feeding Housefly maggots meal diets. This indicates thatHousefly maggots meal were well utilized by the fish thus resulting ingood growth of fish. In other study, observed a best growth performancewith fish feeding on diets containing maggot’s meal compared with fishfeeding on fishmeal diet. This indicates the high nutritional quality andfish acceptance of maggot’s meal.


Animal protein, Fishmeal, Alternative sources of protein, Fish diets, Housefly maggots meal, Physiological stressful, Growth performance


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