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Journal of Zoological Research

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Vol. 2 , Iss. 3 (July 2020)

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    Surveillance of Vibrio spp. in Penaeus monodon Collected from Shrimp Pond of Satkhira, Bangladesh

    Abdullah Al-Amin, Shahena Aktar Shipa, M. Niamul Naser, Md. Faruque Miah

    Article ID: 2087    DOI:
    361  (Abstract) 66  (Download)


    Vibrio is the most common genera associated with crustaceans and often causing significant economic losses. Many Vibrio species are pathogenic to human and have been implicated in food borne diseases. The present study was conducted to identify Vibrio spp. from the tiger shrimp (Penaeus monodon) of shrimp pond at Satkhira, Bangladesh. A total number of... More

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    Prevalence of Kudoa in Fish Fillets Caught in Para State

    Marianna Vaz RODRIGUES, Patrícia Tidori MIURA, Jéssica Fernandes de OLIVEIRA, Maria das Dores Correia Palha, João Pessoa Araújo JÚNIOR

    Article ID: 2092    DOI:
    300  (Abstract) 46  (Download)


    Kudoa is a myxozoan that causes myoliquefaction in marine fishes. Most of species only affect fish, but a K. septempunctata outbreak was reported in 358 people. Although many species of Kudoa are known, none was described in Brachyplatystoma filamentosum, Brachyplatystoma rousseauxii, Mugil... More

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    Portrayal of Camel Production in The Desert Ecosystem of Pakistan

    Asim Faraz

    Article ID: 2104    DOI:
    403  (Abstract) 78  (Download)


    Camel plays a pivotal role in the subsistence pastoral economy of diverse ecozones extending from Gobi Desert and India in central Asia to Somalia and Ethiopia in the horn of Africa. Camel has special attributes including its appearance and ability to survive in hot, harsh and versatile arid environments. Camel has fascinated mankind as... More

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    Mathematical Model to Estimate Carbon Footprint for EEG Incubation

    Tarek Fouda, Nourhan KASSAB

    Article ID: 2109    DOI:
    273  (Abstract) 54  (Download)


    This work presents a performance comparison between several incubators models including CO2, and NH4 emission. A mathematical model for incubators carbon foot print was developed to estimate CO2, Nh4 emission. The program written by C++ language including convert line. The modular structure of program consists of a main programme and series of independent subroutine،... More

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    Butterfly Diversity on a Southeast Florida Military Base Located within an Urban Matrix

    Sandy Koi, Craig van der Heiden

    Article ID: 2063    DOI:
    302  (Abstract) 45  (Download)


    South Florida is a renowned ‘hotspot’ for rare and endemic taxa, with insects and plants found in few other ecosystems. Specialized species evolved in Florida’s stochastic climate, adapting to seasonal drought and flooding, hurricanes and high-wind tropical storms. As human population growth and development increased, and natural ecosystems disappeared, or became increasingly degraded, at-risk taxa... More