Topical Collection on "Invasive Species and Biodiversity Conservation of Aquatic Ecosystem"

Deadline for manuscript submissions: 1 August 2024

Collection Editor: 

Dr. Igor Christo Miyahira
Institute of Biosciences, Federal University of the State of Rio de Janeiro (UNIRIO), Brazil
Interests: invasive species; biodiversity; taxonomy; marine ecology; conservation biology; species diversity

Topical Collection Information:

Dear Colleagues,

The alarming decrease in the world's biodiversity is a critical issue that needs immediate attention. The primary cause of this decline can be attributed to the degradation of habitat quality, particularly aquatic habitats. It is crucial that scientists continue their research to identify suitable conservation measures that can be implemented by relevant stakeholders.

Invasive alien species are a significant driving force behind changes that can negatively impact biodiversity, ecosystem functions and services, and human health. Aquatic ecosystems are particularly vulnerable to this invasion, as alien species can infiltrate and spread between bodies of water through a variety of channels. Additionally, restoring invaded aquatic habitats can be a considerable challenge, particularly in complex marine environments or large inland water bodies. Despite ongoing monitoring and documentation of biological invasions, the full extent of their impact on biodiversity and ecosystem services remains inadequately understood. Consequently, the primary objective of this special issue is to compile recent research and analyze the impacts of invasive alien species. Further, its goal is to provide tools that facilitate a comprehensive understanding and assessment of these impacts on aquatic biota and services, and ultimately, to develop effective mitigation strategies.

This Topical Collection serves as an opportunity for researchers to contribute their scholarly work and engage in discussions on a highly significant and compelling topic. We cordially invite you to submit your manuscripts for consideration and potential publication in this burgeoning journal. Your valuable contributions will help shape the field and foster new insights into this promising area of study.

Dr. Igor Christo Miyahira
Collection Editor


  • Aquatic ecosystem
  • Biodiversity conservation
  • Invasive species
  • Ecosystem services