Topical Collection


Microplastic Pollution and Its Implications on Ecosystems

Collection Editor: Prof. Dr. Kuok Ho Daniel Tang
Submission Deadline: 31 May 2024


Potentially Toxic Elements and Soil Ecosystem Conservation

Collection Editor: Dr. A. Parimala Gnana Soundari
Submission Deadline: 15 July 2024


Invasive Species and Biodiversity Conservation of Aquatic Ecosystem

Collection Editor: Dr. Igor Christo Miyahira
Submission Deadline: 1 August 2024


Nature-based Solutions in Agroecosystem Optimization

Collection Editor: Dr. Valentina Baratella
Submission Deadline: 10 August 2024


Carbon Materials for Hydrogen Storage Promote Sustainable Ecology

Collection Editors: Dr. Indra Neel Pulidindi, Prof. Dr. Bhawna Yadav Lamba, Prof. Dr. Thirukkallam Kanthadai Varadarajan and Prof. Dr. Balasubramanian Viswanathan
Submission Deadline: 28 February 2025


From Micro to Macro: Invertebrate Biodiversity in the Danube Delta

Collection Editor: Dr. Pavel Ana Bianca
Submission Deadline: 4 December 2024


Fauna Futures: Climate Change Resilience and Conservation Strategies

Collection Editor: Prof. Dr. Naceur M’Hamdi
Submission Deadline: 30 July 2024


Rare Animals Diversity, Conservation and Biodiversity Monitoring in Tropical and Subtropical Limestone Area

Collection Editor: Prof. Dr. Jiang Zhou
Submission Deadline: 31 October 2024