Survey and Educational Research on the National Music Identity of University Students——Taking Three Universities in the Western Part of Guangdong Province as an Example


  • Ying Zhou Lingnan Normal University, China



The integration and penetration of disciplines is the driving force for innovation. This paper investigates the national music identity of students in three universities in the Western Part of GuangDong Province by questionnaires and interviews, and obtains a series of data related to contemporary university and college students’ music literacy. Data and phenomena indicate: University and students have “high degree of identity” and “low participation consciousness” for national music. They are willing to be onlookers, and they are reluctant to join the inheritance and in-depth study, lacking opinions on music appreciation and performance learning; the contact with music only stays at the level of recreation. The artistic and functional nature of music has not played a role in the development of college students’ own disciplines; from the choice of music, they can be seen that they have a negative and confused mentality in their academic and social activities, but they can still be released in music, so they adhere to the undisturbed appreciation environment. The campus music popularization education should be strengthened and guided, and appropriate music quality courses should be added to the above phenomena, and experts should be organized to integrate the national music representing the “hometown music” to lay the foundation for the future outstanding talent training.


Music, Nationality, Identity, Personnel training in universities and colleges


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Article Type

Research Article