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  • Research on the Construction of Doctoral Dissertation System

    Qiuxue Luo

    Article ID: 563
    230  (Abstract) 26  (Download)


    This paper initially forms its own doctoral dissertation system by summarizing and sorting out the Research and Practice classroom system and the Writing Skills of Doctoral Dissertation teaching material system, which are studied in the doctoral course. Through criticism and innovation, a set of doctoral dissertation system consisting of six major systems: preparation system, content... More

  • Research on the Teaching of Chinese Language and Literature in Modern Educational Thoughts

    Zhao Luo

    Article ID: 659
    278  (Abstract) 60  (Download)


    In recent years, with the continuous progress and development of the society, the teaching of Chinese language and literature in the process of continuous development and improvement, actively learning from the advanced teaching ideas and ideas at home and abroad, combined with modern educational ideas, the teaching methods have undergone profound Variety. Based on the... More

  • Teacher’s Code-switching to L1 in Chinese College EFL Class

    Ning Yang

    Article ID: 742
    537  (Abstract) 32  (Download)


    The paper tries to explore teachers’ code-switching to Chinese in EFL classroom. Quantitative and qualitative research methods are adopted in the study. The case study centers on showing the attitude of teachers and that of students towards the CS to L1. It indicated that both teachers and students had positive attitude toward CS to Chinese... More

  • Research Review of the Identification of Socialist Core Values

    Yu Du

    Article ID: 761
    2389  (Abstract) 31  (Download)

    Abstract: In the Sixth Plenary Session of the 16th Central Committee, China first proposed the strategic policy of building a socialist core value system. After the policy was put forward, many theorists and politicians discussed and studied the identification of socialist core values in many aspects. Specific aspects include the specific role of socialist core values,... More

  • Research Progress and Trends of Domestic Smart Learning Environment

    Yaqiang Cui, Qihong Gan, Xiaoli Huang, Yu Qi, Chunyan Wang, Jianlin Tian

    Article ID: 760
    233  (Abstract) 33  (Download)


    In order to explore the main progress and current status of domestic research on smart learning environment, this paper takes 260 core and CSSCI journal papers included in the CNKI database as the research objects, and uses CiteSpace visual analysis software and uses bibliometrics and knowledge graph analysis as the main research methods, summarizes and... More

  • Rationality Followed by Freedom

    Zijuan Bai

    Article ID: 752
    218  (Abstract) 21  (Download)


    There is no contradiction between rationality and freedom. Only morally noble people can enjoy freedom, and people with rationality can have freedom.

    Logos can’t suffer. People should use their rationality to make the necessary choices, but it is nothing but good or evil.... More

  • Research on the Function of Music in College Education

    Lei Xiao

    Article ID: 759
    215  (Abstract) 33  (Download)


    College students are the hope of national development and future. College education is an important position for college students to grow and grow up. Music is an indispensable artistic existence in College education. The cultivation of college students has become a problem that colleges and universities must face. Their new characteristics and ideas have brought... More