English Education Should Focus on the Integration of Humanism


  • Yu Xing 1. National Research Centre for Foreign Language Education, Beijing Foreign Studies University 2. School of Online Education, Beijing Foreign Studies University




People in educational circles believe that humanism has an incomparable role and status in education and its ideology has a certain positive effect both in past education and in contemporary education. Moreover, the core of people-oriented thinking in humanism can be integrated with the quality education thought advocated by contemporary China. Therefore, in this context, the paper analyzes English education should focus on the integration of humanism. Firstly, the paper gives a brief overview of the meaning of humanism, and then summarizes the role of humanism in the full integration of English education. Finally, it analyzes in detail how to effectively integrate humanism into English education. The purpose of this study is mainly to improve the current level of English education, and to train comprehensive quality talents for the country.


English education, Humanism, Teaching integration English education, Teaching integration


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Review Article