Research on Nie Weigu's Art Education Thought and Creative Practice


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Nie Weigu is a great master with great attainments in higher art education and painting practice. He is familiar with the psychology of art education and the principles of education and teaching, and has a strong interest in exploring a new way of integration between China and the West. He embraces both Chinese and Western heuristic teaching, focuses on shaping students' sound personality, and carefully cultivates students' noble quality. Facing nature and reality, he took the lead in setting an example and kept writing. He widely absorbed nutrition from other categories and foreign art, expressed his true feelings, made personalized creation, pointed to Western architecture with a Chinese brush, talked with the incarnation of the Holy Spirit, and displayed the second nature - Architecture created by mankind in an unprecedented artistic way, Creatively opening up the art category of "freehand painting" is of milestone significance in the history of contemporary Chinese art.


Nie Weigu, Painting aesthetics, Aesthetic education, Integration of Chinese and Western, Innovate


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