Research on the Function of Music in College Education


  • Lei Xiao Sichuan University of Science & Engineering



College students are the hope of national development and future. College education is an important position for college students to grow and grow up. Music is an indispensable artistic existence in College education. The cultivation of college students has become a problem that colleges and universities must face. Their new characteristics and ideas have brought new challenges to the education of colleges and universities. As the most active and energetic college students of the new generation, their training is not only related to their all-round development, but also directly affects the international competitiveness and development strength of countries in the 21st century. Therefore, it is an urgent and necessary direction to explore the new work of higher education. And music plays an extremely important role in shaping the personality charm of modern college students and their growth and success.


Music, College education, Function and value


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Review Article