Safe Power Outlet


  • Mohammad. Taghipour Department of Industrial Engineering, Shahryar Branch, Islamic Azad University, Shahryar, Iran
  • Mohammad. Vaezi Department of Electrical Technology Engineering, faculty of Engineering, University of Applied Sciences & Technology(UAST), Minoo Khorramdareh, Iran



The main goal of the safe power outlet project is to make power outlets smart and integrate it to all old and new electrical wiring of homes and offices to eliminate the costs. Using the designed socket, home and office electrical appliances can be smarten and controlled remotely through wireless technology. The device designed in this project, is a smart power outlet that supports Wi-Fi connection and the user can connect directly to it and control it by the specific mobile application. There is no need for any other interfaces such as a modem or router, and the user can connect directly to the device. This is the innovative part of the project making it different from the conventional power outlets on the market. All home and office appliances running on AC power can be connected to a safe outlet directly and without an interface; they can be controlled via wireless network by mobiles. This device smartens all old and conventional outlets without making any changes in wiring. It also enables the control via Wi-Fi on the outlets.


Application; Safe outlet; Power outlet; Wiring; Smartizing; Module


[1] Research and experiments performed by the authors Dr. Mohammad Taghipour and Mohammad Vaezi in 2019-2020.

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