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Electrical Science & Engineering

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Vol. 2 , Iss. 1 (April 2020)

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    A Petroleum Leakage Detection System

    Salami S.O, Green O.O, Akinrinlola Ibitoye

    Article ID: 1553    DOI:
    1040  (Abstract) 94  (Download)


    This paper presents report of a design work on petroleum leakage detection
    system. It is a system that is designed to monitor seepage of petroleum
    products across pipeline installations. The design work which was simulat
    ed on a PROTEUS software, consists of a gas detecting sensor (GH-312),
    an 8-bit (AT89C51) Microcontroller, an alarm system and a remote PC. It
    was... More

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    An Approach to Carbon Emissions Prediction Using Generalized Regression Neural Network Improved by Genetic Algorithm

    Zhida Guo, Jingyuan Fu

    Article ID: 1772    DOI:
    1128  (Abstract) 113  (Download)


    The study on scientific analysis and prediction of China’s future carbon
    emissions is conducive to balancing the relationship between economic
    development and carbon emissions in the new era, and actively responding
    to climate change policy. Through the analysis of the application of the
    generalized regression neural network (GRNN) in prediction, this paper
    improved the prediction method of GRNN. Genetic algorithm... More

  • Review

    Terahertz (THz) Generator and Detection

    Jitao Li, Jie Li

    Article ID: 1777    DOI:
    1752  (Abstract) 327  (Download)


    In the whole research process of electromagnetic wave, the research of terahertz wave belongs to a blank for a long time, which is the least known and least developed by far. But now, people are trying to make up the blank and develop terahertz better and better. The charm of terahertz wave originates from its multiple attributes, including... More

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    Technological Analysis on Motor Stall and Its Perspective

    Run Xu, Zhiqiang Chen

    Article ID: 1773    DOI:
    1042  (Abstract) 116  (Download)


    The brush lock is due to assembly tightly during assembling three gripper so that it curls after some time in motor and bare motors. The motor happen to have current decreasing and cause rotary too slowly is an important technique problem. At last the motor hasn’t worked due to disconnection. It give company to bring... More