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Electrical Science & Engineering

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Vol. 1 , Iss. 1 (August 2019)

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    Development of Green Polymer Electrolyte Through Hot Press Method

    Nidhi Asthana, Mrigank Mauli Dwivedi, Kamlesh Pandey

    Article ID: 594    DOI:
    350  (Abstract) 105  (Download)


    To develop the green polymeric membrane electrolyte, e-Polycaprolactone (PCL) was used as a host and the Ionic liquid (IL)(1-Ethyl-3-methylimidazolium tosylate) as a dopant. The IL is a source of mobile charges in the polymer electrolyte system. The composite membrane has been prepared by Hot Press method and then we characterised this membrane for ionic transportation.... More

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    Surface Dielectric Barrier Discharge

    Xiaotong Li

    Article ID: 713    DOI:
    343  (Abstract) 94  (Download)


    This project is concerned with surface dielectric barrier discharge (DBD), which involve designing the configuration of discharge and experiment, collecting and analysis data from experiment and simulation. Therefore, this report includes the objective of the project and general information of background. It also briefly introduces the history and theory of dielectric barrier discharge. For the... More

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    Ferroelectric Properties of CuFe2O4, BaFe2O4, Ba0.2La0.8Fe2O4 Nanoparticles

    U. Naresh, R. Jeevan Kumar, N.V.S. Gupta, D. Kothandan

    Article ID: 929    DOI:
    569  (Abstract) 167  (Download)


    In this article, we report ferroelectric properties of copper ferrite CuFe2O4 nanoparticles (CFN), Barium ferrite nanoparticles BaFe2O4 (BFN) and La substituted barium ferrite Ba0.2La0.8Fe2O4 (BLFN) nanoparticles synthesized via hydrothermal technique. The X-Ray diffraction for the synthesized particles reflects the cubic phase formation for CuFe2O4, orthorhombic phase structure for the BaFe2O4 and cubic formation of Ba0.2La0.8Fe2O4 (BLFN). The structural parameters such... More

  • Reviews

    Effect of Wind Farm and Thyristor Switched Series Capacitors on a Faulty Network

    Milad Gheydi, Sajad Bagheri

    Article ID: 977    DOI:
    366  (Abstract) 82  (Download)


    Controlling voltage and active or reactive losses are one of the most important issues in each power grid. In this paper, the influence of wind farm and thyristors switched capacitors on the network are considered. TSSC and Wind turbines are one of the significant components of each network. These instruments are also one of the... More

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    Validation of Heat Transfer between Theoretical and Experimental from the Internal Surface of Vertical Tubes with Internal Rings Heated by Electrical Heating Coils

    Ramesh Chandra Nayak, Manmatha K. Roul, Ipsita jena, Ipsita Dash, Ashish Ku. Patra

    Article ID: 1029    DOI:
    310  (Abstract) 75  (Download)


    The comparison between experimental and theoretical heat transfer inside heated vertical channels that dissipate heat from the internal surface with and without internal rings  is studied. The experimental setup consists of a circular pipe which is heated electrically by providing constant heat flux on the wall. The theoretical and experimental analysis is conducted in several... More