JAESER 2021 Reviewer Thanks


In JAESER, we follow a strict peer review system to output the highest quality content. The peer review process relies on the selfless knowledge and goodwill of the reviewers. They only need the gratitude of the editors and JAESER readers as compensation to undertake this important and time-consuming task.

From December 2020 to Dember 2021, many people including the editor-in-chief, members of the editorial board and external reviewers agreed to evaluate the manuscript submitted to Journal of Architectural Environment & Structural Engineering Research. We are very grateful and hope that we can continue to draw on your insights and support.

Wish you all a a safe holiday, and a happy new year 2022!

Ahmed Elyamani

Amjad Khabaz

Humphrey Danso

Yeong Huei Lee

Müslüm Arıcı

Ahmed Mohamed El shenawy

Marco Breccolotti

Mª Dolores Álvarez Elipe

Ana-Maria Dabija

Ying hua Li

Latefa Sail

Huaping Wang

Alper Aldemir

Suman Saha

Mohammed Jassam Altaee

Dario De Domenico

Manish Pandey

Vail Karakale

Alper Bideci

Rabah Djedjig

Fadzli Mohamed Nazri

Mohammad Jamshidi Avanaki

Giovanni Rinaldin

Rawaz M. S. Kurda

Nadezda Stevulova