Time-varying Reliability Analysis of Long-span Continuous Rigid Frame bridge under Cantilever Construction Stage based on the Monitored Strain Data


  • Ying hua Li Shixing County Bureau of transportation, Shixing, Shaoguan, Guangdong, China
  • Ke sheng Peng HARDA (XIAMEN) PLASTIC CO.,LTD, TongAn Industrial Area, Xiamen, China
  • Lu rong Cai Zhongshan city Waterway Administration, Zhongshan, Guangdong, China
  • Jun yong He Guangdong College of Industry and Commerce, Guangzhou,China




Abstract: In general, the material properties, loads, resistance of the prestressed concrete continuous rigid frame bridge in different construction stages are time-varying. So, it is essential to monitor the internal force state when the bridge is in construction. Among them, how to assess the safety is one of the challenges. As the continuous monitoring over a long-term period can increase the reliability of the assessment, so, based on a large number of monitored strain data collected from the structural health monitoring system (SHMS) during construction, a calculation method of the punctiform time-varying reliability is proposed in this paper to evaluate the stress state of this type bridge in cantilever construction stage by using the basic reliability theory. At the same time, the optimal stress distribution function in the bridge mid-span base plate is determined when the bridge is closed. This method can provide basis and direction for the internal force control of this type bridge in construction process. So, it can reduce the bridge safety and quality accidents in construction stages.


Continuous rigid frame bridge;Structural health monitoring;Construction stage;Punctiform time-varying reliability;Strain data preprocessing


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