• Modeling and Simulation of the Deactivation by Sintering of the Cobalt Catalyst during the Fischer-Tropsch Reaction

    Dounia Alihellal, Lemnouer Chibane, Mohamed El-Amine Slimani

    Article ID: 277
    297  (Abstract) 73  (Download)


    In the present work, the deactivation by sintering of cobalt based catalyst during Fischer-Tropsch synthesis at low temperature was studied by numerical simulation. For this purpose, a mathematical model was developed. The obtained simulation results allowed us to highlight and improve the understanding of the deactivation phenomena of cobalt based Fischer-Tropsch catalysts by sintering. The main... More

  • Modeling of Flow Field and Heat Transfer in a Swimming Pool

    Abdelkader Doudou

    Article ID: 508
    316  (Abstract) 99  (Download)


    Heating swimming pools in an efficient and ecological way has become mandatory for the protection of the environment, but also for technological development and energy saving. The heating must maintain the quality of bathing water, avoiding temperature variations between the different depths and locations of the pool. There are currently several types of heating systems... More

  • Predicting Performance of a Thermal Shield of a Spacecraft in a High-temperature Gas Flow

    Lyudmila Ivanovna Gracheva

    Article ID: 763
    240  (Abstract) 44  (Download)


    A fundamental understanding of the mechanism of material interaction with a medium is based on correspondence between experimental studies and actual operating conditions of a given model or a structure. The study of performance of thermal shield structures was based on computations brought about considering physical properties of materials obtained under conditions simulating re-entry of a... More

  • Dynamic Analysis and Active Control of a Dielectric Elastomer Balloon Covered by a Protective Passive Layer

    Zichen Deng, Siqi An, Qingjun Li

    Article ID: 914
    351  (Abstract) 94  (Download)


    Dielectric elastomer (DE) balloons are intensively developed as sensors, actuators, and generators.  To ensure electrical safety, a DE balloon can be covered by an external passive layer. In this paper, the dynamic behaviours and active control for the DE balloon coupled with the passive layer are investigated. Based on the Hamilton’s principle, the dynamic model... More


  • A Review Study on Corrosion Fatigue and its Related Testing Methodologies

    Farshad Abbasi

    Article ID: 578
    307  (Abstract) 74  (Download)


    Corrosion Fatigue is the mechanical degradation of a material under the joint action of damage mechanisms corrosion and fatigue. Corrosive nature of the seawater puts severe durability requirements on materials of which are often exposed to corrosion fatigue and abrasive conditions simultaneously. Therefore, identification of the combined effects of both corrosion and fatigue damage mechanisms is necessary... More