Journal of Smart Buildings and Construction Technology (-formerly Journal of Construction Research ) chaims to promote the latest in smart buildings research. By providing a direction for the optimal amalgamation of Sustainable Construction and Big Data for Construction, the Journal presents a multifaceted approach to smart construction research.

Relevant topics to the Journal of Smart Buildings and Construction Technology  include, but are not limited to:

  • Intelligent building technology
  • Building automation
  • Green building
  • Smart cities
  • Sustainable Architecture
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • Building intelligent application

Vol. 5 , Iss. 2 (December 2023): In progress


  • Hysteretic Performance of Ring-shaped Energy-dissipating Devices for Assembly of Steel Frame Structure with External Wall Panel

    Yuliang Qi, Kewei Huang, Jing Li, Yixin Zeng, Keke Huang

    Article ID: 5699
    15  (Abstract) 33  (Download)


    To protect the external wall panel of the steel frame in prefabricated construction, a kind of ring-shaped energydissipating device (RSED) was proposed and further studied, which can connect the wall panel and steel frame. The hysteretic performance of steel frame-external wall panel system (SFEWPS) with RSED as the joint is analyzed via the finite element... More

  • Adoption of Metaverse in the Indian Construction Industry: An Overview

    Sathwika Padida, Srinivas K

    Article ID: 5712
    49  (Abstract) 49  (Download)


    Technology is being adopted in various sectors worldwide at a significantly faster pace, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic breakdown as well as the subsequent lockdown, which has proved very beneficial in a lot of aspects. The ACE industry (architecture, construction and engineering) is a very labor-intensive industry by its nature and the adoption of technology... More

  • A Comparative Study on Seismic Analysis of Multistorey Buildings in Different Seismic Zones

    Kiran Devi, Subhankar Petal

    Article ID: 5673
    11  (Abstract) 37  (Download)


    The multi-story buildings are constructed to accommodate numerous residents in confined spaces due to the growing population and lack of available land. The population growth and industrial revolution caused a migration of people from rural to urban areas resulting in the need for the construction of multi-story buildings for both residential and commercial uses. The... More

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