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Journal of Smart Buildings and Construction Technology

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Vol. 4 , Iss. 1 (June 2022)


  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Evaluation of Higher Education Learning Environments

    Supreet Lama, Changfeng (Charlie) Fu, Angela Lee

    Article ID: 4042
    207  (Abstract) 27  (Download)
    Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), particularly in educational facilities, is gainingconsiderable interest and is a synonymous indicator towards evaluatinghuman comfort. Factors such as CO2 concentration, temperature, andhumidity play crucial parts in determining an acceptable level of IAQ.Many studies have also demonstrated that the indoor air quality ofclassrooms affects students’ concentration and performance. Today withthe threat of...
  • Bosnian Chardaklia House: Abazovic Family House in Donja Koprivna Near Cazin

    Ahmet Hadrovic

    Article ID: 4627
    67  (Abstract) 36  (Download)

    In the wide range of vernacular architecture in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Bosnian chardaklia house is one of those achievements that with its spatial organization, materialization and external appearance most vividly reflects the nature of Bosnian people, the nature of his family and worldview. This house is an objectified history of man and his...

  • Repair and Restoration of the Historical Wellesley Bridge at Srirangapatna: A Case Study

    Madan Kumar L, Pruthviraj S R, Ravi Kumar C M

    Article ID: 4543
    56  (Abstract) 18  (Download)
    The Historical Wellesley Bridge, built by the Krishnaraja Wadiyar under the supervision of Dewan Purnaih across river Cauvery at Srirangapatna. Situation of bridge is got when heavy rainfall followed by heavy inflow from Cauvery Catchment area in Kodagu District. At present, the Government of Karnataka has taken measures to do the restoration works using the...
  • Study on the Current Situation of Urban Integration of Aboveground Space and Underground Space: Under the Background of China’s Land Spatial Planning

    Yiyang Li, Luyang Tao

    Article ID: 4690
    72  (Abstract) 12  (Download)

    Urban underground public space has a synergistic effect with its surrounding urban aboveground functions or facilities, which reflects the complementarity between underground functions and urban functions. The research analyses the degree of integration through the case study of urban aboveground space and underground space in China. The research method of this paper will give...

  • Evaluation and Simulation of the Effect of the Types of Glazing and the Choice of Materials on the Energy Efficiency of a Building

    Sami Yaich, Malek Jedidi

    Article ID: 4790
    42  (Abstract) 9  (Download)
    Tunisia is one of the pioneering developing countries in terms of energyefficiency policy initiated since the mid-1980s. Indeed, energy efficiencyhas become one of the main pillars of the country’s energy strategy,especially with the increase in energy prices. The main objective of thiswork is to give an idea of the impact that certain choices made during...