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Journal of Smart Buildings and Construction Technology

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Vol. 4 , Iss. 2 (December 2022)


  • Network of Architecture Roads

    Ahmet Hadrovic

    Article ID: 4625
    78  (Abstract) 35  (Download)
    In the literature that follows the history and theory of architecture,architecture is mainly studied from the aspect of disposition, constructionand materialization “in itself”, sporadically establishing the “originality”(first appearance) of certain dimensions of architectural solutions andtheir connection with solutions from previous historical epochs. The titleof this work (Network of Architectural Paths) suggests the simultaneousuniqueness (authenticity) of...
  • A Model for Predicting Construction Worker Fatigue

    Ahmed Senouci, Surya Anuradha Garimella, Kyungki Kim, Neil Eldin

    Article ID: 4628
    59  (Abstract) 13  (Download)
    Fatigue impairs workers’ judgment, reduces their productivity, and jeopardizes their safety. The paper presents a tool to predict workers’ fatiguebased on their vital signs. An experimental study was conducted in whichthe heart rate and sleep quality for three individuals were monitored usingfitness trackers (wearable sensors). The data collected were used to developtwo models based on...
  • Control of Progressive Collapse of the Structure Using Shear Wall

    Pruthviraj S R, Shivukumarnaika M, H R Prabhakara

    Article ID: 4910
    41  (Abstract) 9  (Download)
    The vulnerability of reinforced concrete (RC) building systems to progressive collapse has turned out to be a challenging trouble for professionalstructural engineers so as to prevent total failure on account of nearby damage. The goal of this paper is to enhance the knowledge of such buildings’behavior underneath several scenarios of misplaced columns at differentfloor stages,...
  • Natural Caves and Architecture Carved in the Rocks in Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Ahmet Hadrovic

    Article ID: 4976
    39  (Abstract) 9  (Download)
    Students of the Faculty of Architecture in Sarajevo, through the courseArchitecture of the Old Age, were able to get acquainted with “architecturecarved in rock”, and only a very limited number of examples - the architecture of ancient Egypt, ancient Greek architecture in Asia Minor (Lycia),and the architecture of ancient Persia. Many examples of this architecturalexpression...
  • Analysis and Evaluation of Thermal-cooling Loads of Office Buildings Using Carrier Software in Iran

    Rahim Zahedi, Siavash Gitifar, Mohammad hasan Ghodusinejad, Alireza Aslani, Hossein Yousefi

    Article ID: 5025
    53  (Abstract) 7  (Download)
    The importance and necessity of energy saving in the world have been discussed for many years, but achieving a logical and transparent solution isstill one of the main challenges and problems of the world’s economy. Therapid growth of energy consumption in the last two decades has caused thesecurity of the domestic energy supply of buildings...