Network of Architecture Roads


  • Ahmet Hadrovic Faculty of Architecture, University of Sarajevo, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina



In the literature that follows the history and theory of architecture,architecture is mainly studied from the aspect of disposition, constructionand materialization “in itself”, sporadically establishing the “originality”(first appearance) of certain dimensions of architectural solutions andtheir connection with solutions from previous historical epochs. The titleof this work (Network of Architectural Paths) suggests the simultaneousuniqueness (authenticity) of people and their culture throughout the planetEarth and comprehensiveness (universality) of human ideas and all formsof human creativity. The aim of this work is to show the authenticity ofideas (expressed by architecture) in accordance with the concrete naturaland social environment and, at the same time, their mutual connection(networking) on the global world level (Earth). Examples of vernaculararchitecture in various parts of the world and examples of author’s(contemporary) architecture in other parts of the world that are articulatedin the language of the modern era while preserving the concepts of theirvernecular “models” are thus compared. The methodological approachin this paper is based on the author’s theory of architecture, which hedescribed and published in his book: Hadrovic, A. (2007). DefiningArchitectural Space on the Model of the Oriental Style CityHouse inBosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo and Macedonia,Booksurge, LLC, North Charleston, SC, USA.


Space, Time, Architecturally defined space (ADS); Network of architectural paths


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