Apply for Editorial Board


  • As a potential editorial board member, you must hold a PhD degree or above with a comprehensive academic background and experience to ensure rational decisions when reviewing manuscripts.
  • You are expected to have expertise and experience in the scope of the journal and be actively involved in scientific research as well as hold a track record of high-level journal publications within the journal’s main discipline. 
  • You are expected to have Journal/publishing related experiences.
  • You should have an international outlook and cross-cultural communication ability to ensure that the journal is widely recognized and influential on a global scale.


  • Editorial board members are required to prescreen submissions and make decisions on whether they should be accepted for processing, ensuring the quality and scholarly value of the articles, while following the journal's publication guidelines and ethical guidelines.
  • Editorial board members should be able to work closely with other editorial board members and editors-in-chief to ensure the high quality of the journal's publication.
  • Editorial board members are required to work with the editor-in-chief or managing editor of the journal to devise strategies for the progress of the journal.
  • Editorial board members are required to actively promote the journal.   
  • Editorial board members need to serve as an advocate for the journal, e.g., collaborate with publishers and editorial teams, attend conferences and events, etc.


Journal of Sustainable Business and Economics has a policy of rewarding editorial board members for their active participation and contribution:

Honors: Journal of Sustainable Business and Economics awards "Outstanding Editorial Board Member" and other honors annually to recognize the outstanding contribution of editorial board members. The recipient will be given a prize/award to encourage them to continue to work hard and improve to continue to contribute to the journal.

Opportunities: Journal of Sustainable Business and Economics offers opportunities for editorial board members to enhance their professional development and personal capabilities, such as participating in the journal's decision-making and development planning; have the opportunities to exchange ideas with internationally influential researchers in this field.

Stipends: For active and responsible editorial board members, we provide certain stipends, such as offering APC vouchers, to appreciate the value of their work and contribution.

Application process

If you are interested in joining the Journal of Sustainable Business and Economics Editorial Board, please send the application and CV to The Editorial Office of the journal will contact you once the application has been approved.

The editors of the Journal of Sustainable Business and Economics will evaluate all applicants fairly and impartially, but the journal editors will only recruit those scholars who are currently suitable for the journal.