Congratulations to Prof. Shunyao Zhuang for being selected as the 2022 Outstanding Editor-in-Chief


To express the recognition of the Editor-in-Chief who has made positive contributions to the journal, Bilingual Publishing Co has selected the 2022 Outstanding Editor-in-Chief.

Prof. Zhuang has been the editor-in-chief of Research in Ecology since its launch. He has made significant contributions to the journal in terms of setting and updating the aims and scope of the journal, making preliminary and final reviews of each submitted manuscript, and promoting the journal in various ways to attract more excellent authors and readers. He has made a significant contribution to the journal and has achieved positive results according to the journal's plan.
We are pleased to announce that Prof. Zhuang has been selected as the Outstanding Editor-in-Chief for 2022, and we will offer a variety of awards to show our congratulations and appreciation, including a trophy and a prize.

We believe that with the support of Prof. Zhuang and all the editorial board members, authors, and readers, Research in Ecology will enter a higher academic level in 2023.