Welcome Dr. Zhaofei Chu to the editorial board of the journal


Dr. Chu now is an associate professor in Wuhan university, China. His current research focuses on the extrusion deformation mechanisms of deep soft rock tunnel, as well as control theory in this field, which mainly covers the following three main areas: 1) the macro- and micro-mechanics of soft rock creep behavior and constitutive models, 2) the mechanisms and prediction of time-dependent squeezing deformation in deep-buried soft rock tunnels, and 3) theory for controlling large deformations in soft rock tunneling.
Firstly, in terms of the macro- and micro-mechanics of soft rock rheological behavior and constitutive models, Dr. Chu has uncovered the macro- and micro-mechanisms of soft rock rheology under multiple physical fields. He has established a relationship between macroscopic irreversible strain and microscopic pore and crack increment, proposed a soft rock micro-macro rheological damage mechanics model based on wing crack propagation theory, and revealed mechanical characterization of soft rock rheological properties under multiple physical fields.
Secondly, regarding to the mechanisms and prediction of rheological failure in deep-buried soft rock tunnels, Dr. Chu has developed a new similar material suitable for simulating the time-dependent behavior of soft rock, overcoming previous material limitations in simulating soft rock tunnel rheological properties. Also, he has proposed a series of analytical solutions considering the coupling effects of surrounding rock rheology and tunnel excavation, revealing the long-term interactions between tunnel surrounding rock and support structures and providing a theoretical basis for the long-term prediction of soft rock tunneling over the full lifecycle.
In addition, Dr. Chu has proposed a composite support system for controlling the time-dependent deformation of deep-buried soft rock tunnels, consisting of stepped anchors, primary yield-deformable lining, and rigid secondary lining. Regarding to this support system, he has revealed the time-dependent relationship between rock and linings from analytical methods.