Aims and Scope

Journal of Atmospheric Science Research publishes original research papers and comprehensive reviews in all subfields of the atmospheric sciences including but not limited to physical, chemical, biological and human components of the Earth's atmosphere. This journal also takes interests in studies addressing interactions between atmospheric processes and land surface, oceanic processes. Relevant topics incorporating weather extremes, policies, methods, and techniques are also within the scope. Multi- and inter-disciplinary analyses of atmospheric issues are also invited, specifically ones that broaden the understanding of atmospheric science through integration with social, economic, human health or behavioral sciences. The Journal attaches great importance to innovations of research methods and is committed to providing theoretical and practical experience for those who are involved in atmospheric fields.

Key topics include but are not limited to:

1. Remote Sensing
2. Satellite Meteorology
3. Ocean Dynamics 
4. Hydrological Cycle and Hydrosphere Interactions
5. Weather Extremes and Weather Prediction
6. Climate and Climate Change
7. Atmospheric Chemistry ( Air Pollution, Emissions, Aerosols )
8. Atmospheric Physics ( Radiation, Clouds, Precipitation )
9. Aerobiology
10. Interaction between Atmospheric Substances and Energy

Frequency: Quarterly ( January, April, July, October )

Language: English
Authors should ensure that all submitted manuscripts are written in clear, coherent, and precise English in order to optimize readability.
Authors are welcome to contact Bilingual Publishing Group for options should their submissions require translation. Additional charges may apply.