Congratulations to Professor Jianhui Bai on his appointment as Co-Editor-In-Chief of Journal of Atmospheric Science Research


Prof.Jianhui Bai obtained his PhD at the Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Acadeny of Scences (IAP, CAS). He is a professor and work at the Laboratory for Middle Atmosphere and Global Environment Observation (LAGEO), IAP, CAS. His research areas are related to solar radiation (UV, Visible, global, etc.), trace gases (SO2, NOx, O3, VOCs, etc.), aerosols, O3 photochemistry, BVOC emissions. He specializes in ground observations of solar radiation, trace gases, BVOC emissions (biogenic volatile organic compounds), and is interested in the study on the interactions between solar radiation and atmospheric constituents. He has long term collaborations with the scientists in the institutes and universities (KNMI, FMI, NCAR, MIT, IASB-BIRA, etc.), and organized international campaigns at some sites in China. He is the principal investigator of ESA and MOST Dragon 4, Dragon 5 and EU MarcoPolo projects. He has been fulfilled some projects support by National Sciences Foundation of China, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Meteorological Administration. He is a member of atmospheric constituents committee, Chinese meteorological society. More than 100 Chinese and English peer-reviewed papers have been published.