World Meteorological Day | At the frontline of climate action


World Meteorological Day, also known as "International Meteorological Day", is the anniversary of the establishment of the World Meteorological Organization and is held on March 23 every year. The main purpose of carrying out World Meteorological Day activities is to let people of all countries understand and support the activities of the World Meteorological Organization, to arouse people's attention and love for meteorological work, and to promote the application of meteorology in aviation, navigation, water conservancy, agriculture and other human activities. The theme of World Meteorological Day 2024 is “At the frontline of climate action”.

Since the 1980s, each decade has been warmer than the previous decade. 2023 is the hottest year on record, with global average temperatures about 1.45℃ above the 1850-1900 average. This is largely the result of a combination of human activities and the natural phenomenon of El Niño. Rising temperatures are accompanied by more extreme events: heat waves, floods, droughts, wildfires and rapidly intensifying tropical cyclones.

The threat of climate change to human civilization is real and undeniable, and its effects are already being felt. Unless we act now, the results will be catastrophic. Our Journal of Atmospheric Science Research (JASR) will continue to provide an open, rigorous, and professional academic platform for scientific researchers, and we welcome scholars from all over the world to choose our journal to disseminate and publish more relevant research.