JASR | Recruiting Topical Collection Editors


Journal of Atmospheric Science Research (JASR) is a peer-reviewed open-access journal publishing four issues a year in English, providing researchers, scholars, and scientists throughout the world with the exchange and dissemination of theoretical and practice-oriented papers dealing with the earth's atmosphere.

We are now recruiting Collection Editors to edit Topical Collections in JASR referring to the hot topics in atmospheric science. If you hold a PhD degree, and you are an active researcher and passionate about publishing cutting-edge research, please consider serving as an Topical Collection Editor in our journal.

The responsibilities of Collection Editor include:

  1. Defining the aims and scopes of the Topical Collection;
  2. Carrying out prechecks and making final decisions on each submitted paper in the Topical Collection;
  3. Soliciting high-quality contributions from your peers or other related scholars;

The benefits of Collection Editor include:

  1. A certificate in recognition of your role as a Collection Editor;
  2. Publishing 3 own papers or recommended papers free of charge in your Topical Collection;
  3. Inviting high-quality papers to be published in your Topical Collection with certain discounts;
  4. A book that could be published and printed for you if more than five papers are published in a Topical Collection;

If you are interested in this, we welcome you to firstly prepare a proposal that should include an interesting title of the topical collection and summarized aims & scope, and some relevant keywords for this collection, and then share this necessary information with our editorial office. 

If the proposals fit our journal's scope and with research significance and practical details, our editorial office will support the Collection Editor to announce the beginning of the Topical Collection online. Then, the Collection Editor can call on their peers and scholars around them to contribute papers to the Collection. Our editorial office will also try our best to assist you with the manuscript collection work and will send paper invitations to some international scholars.

Every collected paper will be published in the regular issue immediately once it passes the peer-review evaluation and the final check by both the Collection Editor and the Editor-in-Chief (Prof. Qiang Zhang). 

If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out to us at any time.

It is our pleasure to receive applications from leading experts in the atmospheric science field. At the same time, we also hope to discuss and showcase more hot topics and cross-cutting research through the Topical Collection.