Optimization of Determination of Sucralose in Drink by HPLC


  • Sang Li Guangdong Institute of Food Inspection (Guangdong Inspection Center of Wine), Guangzhou, 510435,China




To optimize the method for determination of Sucralose in drink by high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). Using HPLC with RID, operating conditions were C18 reversed phase chromatograph column, 40:60 = methanol: 0.125% potassium hydrophosphate as mobil phase, measured at a flow rate of 0.8 mL/min. In the range of 20 ~ 400 mg L, with the concentration of Sucralose and corresponding peak area as standard, r = 0.9999, it has good correlation, the recovery of sucralose is 94~108%.The lower limit of detection of Sucralose was 0.0024 g/kg. This method not only meets the requirements of national standards, but also fast, sensitive, and environmentally friendly, improves the detection efficiency and safety of the detection of sucralose in drink by high performance liquid chromatography.


Drink, Sucralose, HPLC, RID


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