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Journal of Economic Science Research

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Vol. 3 , Iss. 4 (October 2020)


  • Option Pricing beyond Black-Scholes Model: Quantum Mechanics Approach

    Pengpeng Li, Shidong Liang

    Article ID: 2311
    686  (Abstract) 75  (Download)


    Based on the analog between the stochastic dynamics and quantum harmonic oscillator, we propose a market force driving model to generalize the Black-Scholes model in finance market. We give new schemes of option pricing, in which we can take various unexpected market... More

  • Impacts of Foreign Direct Investment on Economic Growth in the East African Community (EAC): Empirical Evidence from Burundi

    Eric Irakoze, Baorong Yu

    Article ID: 1937
    1233  (Abstract) 100  (Download)


    This study analyzes how Foreign Direct Investment affects the rate of economic development among nations in the EAC with the empirical evidence of Burundi. The paper indicates that there is a link between foreign direct investment(FDI), gross domestic product(GDP), human capital, and openness with support of yearly time-series data from 1989 to 2017. The results... More

  • Economic Policy Uncertainty and Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions

    Xun Han, Kexin Chen, Xianjing Huang

    Article ID: 2413
    1204  (Abstract) 140  (Download)


    In recent years, the frequent adjustment of the government’s economic policies and the uncertainty of foreign economic situations have made the degree of uncertainty of China’s economic policies rise continuously. The increasing degree of policy uncertainty will inevitably affect the investment and financing decisions of micro enterprises. Then, how does economic policy uncertainty (EPU) affect... More

  • Research on Teaching Innovation of Property Insurance Course: Based on the Perspective of Big Data Development

    Jiangyu Huang, Ning Xue

    Article ID: 2433
    927  (Abstract) 46  (Download)


    The development of big data has brought unprecedented challenges and opportunities to the teaching reform of higher education. Property insurance course is the core course of economics and management, and it is the guarantee for the supply of talents in the health financial market. Big data technology and data economy put forward innovative requirements for... More

  • Opportunities, Challenges and Countermeasures proposed for the new retail industry in The COVID-19

    Changli Lu, Yingdong Xiang

    Article ID: 2434
    773  (Abstract) 300  (Download)


    It has been four years since the concept of “new retail” was proposed, and the layout of “new retail” of several major domestic enterprises has been intensified, which has a “unique landscape” compared to the foreign retail landscape. The trend, however, the sudden outbreak and continued spread of the COVID-19 has dealt a serious blow... More

  • Research on the Development Path of Zigong Salt Culture and Creative Industry in the Era of Digital New Media

    Bingjie Zhang

    Article ID: 2122
    970  (Abstract) 79  (Download)


    Salt culture is the main component of traditional culture in Zigong,Sichuan.With centuries of history, it has accumulated rich cultural connotations. At present, Zigong salt culture, as a precious traditional cultural wealth, has taken cultural and creative industries as a new carrier of communication in the rapid development of digital new media technology, giving full play... More

  • Predicting on Chinese Consumers’ Organic Wine Purchase Intention

    Xueying Liu

    Article ID: 2267
    541  (Abstract) 42  (Download)


    There is very little research on the perception and willingness of Chinese consumers to purchase organic wine.The research aims to understand the factors which influence Chinese consumers’ willingness on organic wine purchase. Based on the TRA and TPB, combine with SCT, a conceptual model is established to solve research problems.

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  • Review of Financial Pressure

    Jianping Sun, Zhengjun Wang, Tran Thi Ngat

    Article ID: 2120
    986  (Abstract) 90  (Download)


    Different from foreign capital markets, china’s domestic capital markets are special, which also determines that the research on financial pressure starts from the reform of state-owned enterprises, and draws lessons from the relevant theories of financial risk and financial fraud, thus gradually forming a more diversified research results.

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