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Journal of Economic Science Research

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Vol. 2 , Iss. 3 (July 2019)


  • The Big Eurasian Partnership as a Model of a New World Order: from the American to the Asian World Economic Paradigm

    S. Yu. Glazyev

    Article ID: 676
    798  (Abstract) 35  (Download)


    The paper applies the conception of world economic and technological modes’ changing in order to justify the emergence of a new model of global economic order. The research is focused on the justification of the Big Eurasian Partnership (BEP) as such kind of pattern. We’ve started to form the basis and create a Road Map for... More

  • Food Imports in India: Prospects, Issues and Way Forward

    Arpita Mukherjee, Divya Satija, Soham Sinha, Angana Parashar Sarma

    Article ID: 841
    626  (Abstract) 111  (Download)


    India is one of the fastest growing markets in the world. Among the various sectors contributing to the growth of the economy, food is one of the fastest growing sectors owing to factors such as a large population base, rising middle-class, increase in per-capita income, and greater consumer awareness. Demand for imported food products is... More

  • The Determinants of Population Growth in Rwanda


    Article ID: 868
    356  (Abstract) 58  (Download)

    Abstract: The fertility occupies a central position in the study of population growth. The growth of the population depends entirely on human fertility, including birth, death rates and life expectancy. Growth of the fertility is one of the key determinants of the Population Growth. This paper focused on the determinant factors of population growth in Rwanda. From the findings, there is a statistically significance of fertility trends at 0.05 percent because the t-statistic in table-4 is greater than its critical value (1.96) at 0.05 percent. The results provides evidence of Fertility, birth, death and life expectancy as factors which boost population... More

  • Optimization of Determination of Sucralose in Drink by HPLC

    Sang Li

    Article ID: 1023
    859  (Abstract) 167  (Download)


    To optimize the method for determination of Sucralose in drink by high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). Using HPLC with RID, operating conditions were C18 reversed phase chromatograph column, 40:60 = methanol: 0.125% potassium hydrophosphate as mobil phase, measured at a flow rate of 0.8 mL/min. In the range of 20 ~ 400 mg L, with the... More


  • Market Reactions to Zero or Small Positive Sales Surprise

    Jiameng Ma

    Article ID: 1100
    320  (Abstract) 22  (Download)


    This paper studies how the stock market reacts to zero or small positive sales surprise. Using data from firms listed in the U.S., the paper shows that before 2003 investors react more to positive earnings surprises while after 2003 they react more to the opposite. When sales forecasts are first reported, investors believe in sales... More