Modeling of Economic Cost Distribution in Screw Thread


  • Run Xu Gyeongsang National University, Metallurgical Engineering Department, Gyeongsang nam-do, Chinju city, 52828, Korea



The screw threading produce is a important process course. The economics modeling is established in this paper so this process will be investigated. In this paper modeling of process is analyzed. The Q and cost decreases with the increasing quantity while the same turn as  AC>AFC>MC is found. AC and AFC is main factors to affect quantity then MC do. It fits to concept of them well. The cost AC and AFC is higher upon L=4 than L=6 while MC is higher upon L=6 than L=4. Meantime the TC and VC is higher upon L=6 than that upon L=4, is the near parallel line. The TC>VC is turn to affect cost. There is a difference for them. TC and VC is main effective costs to compare with AC ˎAFC & MC. The TC and VC become bigger upon K=5 than K=7.


modeling analysis;screw;thread; economics; cost distribution; AC;TC;VC;AFC;MC


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