Research on Teaching Innovation of Property Insurance Course: Based on the Perspective of Big Data Development


  • Jiangyu Huang College of Big Data Application and Economics, Guizhou University of Finance and Economics, Guiyang, China
  • Ning Xue School of foreign languages, North China Institution of Aerospace Engineering, China



The development of big data has brought unprecedented challenges and opportunities to the teaching reform of higher education. Property insurance course is the core course of economics and management, and it is the guarantee for the supply of talents in the health financial market. Big data technology and data economy put forward innovative requirements for its teaching objectives, teaching content, and teaching system. In China’s new round of double-first-class universities and disciplines, big data is an important foundation and driving force. The comprehensive integration of property insurance and big data is reflected in: Cultivate students’ big data thinking; Cultivate students’ practical application ability based on market employment needs; Build a new discipline system of applied economics, and achieve good coordination between property insurance courses and other disciplines; The government, enterprises and universities form a strategic partnership to jointly participate in the development and construction of courses; The formulation of government policies can have a better governance effect on the development of higher education and talent training.


Big data, Property insurance, Double first-class, Digital economy, One Belt One Road


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