Opportunities, Challenges and Countermeasures proposed for the new retail industry in The COVID-19


  • Changli Lu School of Economics and Management, Shanghai Maritime University, Shanghai 201306, China
  • Yingdong Xiang School of Economics and Management, Shanghai Maritime University, Shanghai 201306, China




It has been four years since the concept of “new retail” was proposed, and the layout of “new retail” of several major domestic enterprises has been intensified, which has a “unique landscape” compared to the foreign retail landscape. The trend, however, the sudden outbreak and continued spread of the COVID-19 has dealt a serious blow to the global economic development, from the domestic point of view, the epidemic caused by the decline in GDP, leading to a negative year-on-year growth in the total retail sales of consumer goods, the new retail industry is still in the development stage suffered a blow. On the other hand, however, the sinking of the new retail market driven by the consumer economy, the surge of private domain traffic on platforms and the rise of the “house economy” prompted the new retail industry to create new development opportunities during the epidemic, clarifying the development of the new retail industry in the post-epidemic era and pointing out the direction.


COVID-19, New retail, Consumer economy, Supply chain, People and goods yard


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