Supply and Demand, Tax, Income, Profit and Proof of Goldbach’s Conjecture——Logic is the Basis of Correct Mathematical Measurement


  • Zhaocheng Wang School of Cyber Science and Engineering, Zhengzhou University



This paper demonstrates that Marshall’s logic on the supply and demand curve is not rigorous enough, that Coase’s theorem is flawed, and that the “Okishio Theorem” and Sweezy s logic are inadequate through empirical proof. By the way, the Goldbach conjecture is proved through clever mathematical proof. It shows that beautiful curves and mathematical formulas cannot be separated from reality and logic, and correct logic can play a correct role in market theory. In this paper, the analysis of the actual supply and demand curve, as well as the concepts and models of tax, profit rate and income, has positive practical significance for economic depression and stagflation.


Supply and demand, Income, Tax, Profit rate, Goldbach conjecture



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