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Journal of Linguistics and Education Research

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Vol. 3 , Iss. 1 (June 2020)


  • Camouflaged Uptake Following Incidental Focus-on-Form Episodes

    Zahra Gholami, Leila Gholami

    Article ID: 2281
    599  (Abstract) 25  (Download)
    The efficacy of focus-on-form (FonF) within the context of communicatively-oriented language activities is measured via uptake. Uptake is defined as learners’ verbal responses immediately following either preemptive or reactive FonF instruction (Loewen, 2004).The present study investigated what is (not) meant and (not) measured through this definition of uptake. Drawing on the audio-recorded analysis of 20...
  • A New Perspective on an Old Subject: Mobile-assisted Language Learning in English Academic Writing in Hong Kong Universities

    Bernie Chun Nam MAK

    Article ID: 2127
    934  (Abstract) 29  (Download)

    The goal of this short paper is to bring English academic writing (EAW) and mobile-assisted language learning (MALL) together to examine to what degree the latter can be effectively employed to support the former in the Hong Kong higher education context. It utilizes the perspectives generated from the literature, together with professional interpretation, to illustrate...

  • God is the Ultimate Jokester Barthes’s Dead Author and the Authorless Joke

    Zheng Fang

    Article ID: 2985
    433  (Abstract) 31  (Download)

    This study starts from Žižek Slavoj's question about the attribution of the joke text, by borrowing Roland Barthes's theory of "the Death of the Author" in the structuralist discussion, the author's absence and the origin of the "joke" as a literary genre are analyzed.