Special Issue: Decision Making in Digital Transformation


The objective of this special issue is to create a common ground for the discussion of Decision-Making and Digital Transformation. 


Guest Editor:

Dr. Hamed Taherdoost

University Canada West, Vancouver, Canada



Dr. Mitra Madanchian

Hamta Business Corporation, Vancouver, Canada

University Canada West, Vancouver, Canada



Dr. Nam Le

University Canada West, Vancouver, Canada



Special issue information:

Digital Transformation is a significant shift in the goods and services that a company offers, as well as how they will be marketed, positioned, supplied, and provided. A staged transformation strategy that will influence all key decision points inside the business is required for such a big shift. In the digital era, choices are becoming more complicated, contextual, and constant. A rush of novel solutions from unconventional suppliers, aggressive marketing efforts from automation vendors pleading for investment in their particular technology, and a deluge of data all complicate decision-making.

Conscious and intentional decision-making is essential to be successful at times of substantial change such as this. Automation experts must take the lead in their organizations, making smart judgments and giving thought leadership so that others may make educated decisions. These are critical choices that influence the competitiveness and profitability of production organizations since business models are changing and must be supported by suitable new automation and digitalization to succeed.

This Special Issue attempts to compile current research in Decision-Making and Digital Transformation, with a focus on the following areas:

  • Digital Transformation
  • Decision-Making Methods and Techniques
  • Mechanisms of Decision-Making in Digital Transformation
  • Intelligent Decision Analysis
  • Blockchain in Decision-Making
  • Applications of Decision-Making in Digital Transformation
  • Strategic Decision-Making
  • Decision-Making in Business
  • Critical View on Digital Transformation
  • Adoption of Digital Transformation
  • Artificial Intelligence in Decision-Making
  • Decision-Making in Resource Management
  • Knowledge Management and Digital Transformation


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