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Journal of Oncology Research

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Vol. 2 , Iss. 1 (January 2020)

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    Associations between Body Mass Index and Breast Cancer Markers

    Ishita Saha, Poonam Singh, Sunit Kumar Medda, Rabindra Nath Das

    Article ID: 2007    DOI:
    421  (Abstract) 94  (Download)


    Body mass index (BMI) and breast cancer biomarkers (BCBs) such as
    resistin, leptin adiponectin, monocyte chemoattractant protein-1 (MCP-1)
    and homeostasis model assessment of insulin resistance (HOMA-IR) are
    highly associated with each other. The report has focused the inter-rela
    tionship between BMI and BCBs based on probabilistic modeling. It has
    been shown that mean BMI is directly associated with leptin (P<0.0001)
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    Application of AI Technology in Tumor medical Imaging

    Tong li, Yi Xie, Jingxiong Chen

    Article ID: 2026    DOI:
    322  (Abstract) 120  (Download)


    Artificial intelligence AI has many algorithms, , there are many appli
    cations in central nervous system tumors, lung cancer, breast cancer,
    prostate cancer, orthopaedic tumors, etc., with the norms and support of
    national policies,AI technology in tumor medical imaging will be ushed
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  • Reviews

    Progress in diagnosis and treatment of basal cell carcinoma

    Yan Liu, Mengxian Ren, Youfei Zhao, Dong Liu, Fei Zhou

    Article ID: 2038    DOI:
    314  (Abstract) 63  (Download)


    Basal cell carcinoma is a common skin carcinogenesis that occurs in the epidermis and the basal layer of the general, basal cell carcinoma grows slowly, rarely metastasizes, but is locally invasive and destructive. The diagnosis is based on clinical manifestations, but the clinicopathological manifestations are different, and sometimes it is difficult to differentiate from... More

  • Reviews

    The Clinical Application Value of Susceptibility Weighted Imaging in the Central Nervous System

    Haichao Fu

    Article ID: 2192    DOI:
    259  (Abstract) 88  (Download)


    Susceptibility weighted imaging (SWI) is a relatively new magnetic reso
    nance imaging (MRI) technique that uses the difference in tissue magnet
    ic susceptibility to image, and has unique value compared to traditional
    magnetic resonance imaging. This article summarizes its application in
    the central nervous system and provides a reference for imaging diagnosis
    and clinical treatment.
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